Bonneville County Birth Records

Search for Bonneville County ID birth records. A birth records search contains information on proof of identity, proof of citizenship, name of the baby, date and time of birth, parental information, applying for a Social Security number, passport applications, name changes, receiving governmental benefits, requesting a birth certificate, applying for a birth certificate, and conducting genealogical research.

The Bonneville County Clerk is responsible for maintaining important documents for a county or local area, including vital documents like Bonneville County birth records. These birth records include birth certificates that list the baby's name, date of birth, time of birth, and the location, as well as personal information about the parents. An Idaho birth certificate acts as legal proof of birth and citizenship, and it may be required to apply for an ID driver's license or passport, receive a Social Security number, or apply for government services. Other birth records include demographic records on birth, which are useful for researchers, as well as records on birth that can be used for Bonneville County genealogical research. Birth records can be requested online at the Clerk Office website.

Ammon City Clerk Ammon ID 2135 South Ammon Road 83406 208-612-4010

Bonneville County Clerk Idaho Falls ID 605 North Capital Avenue 83402 208-529-1363

Idaho Falls City Clerk Idaho Falls ID 308 Constitution Way 83402 208-612-8250

Bonneville County Hospitals provide a variety of medical services to patients of all ages, including labor and delivery services. When a baby is born at a Hospital in Bonneville County Idaho, it creates birth records for the birth. These can include ceremonial Bonneville County birth certificates which list the baby's name, date of birth, weight and length, and the Hospital's name, as well as information about the parents. These ceremonial birth certificates cannot act as legal proof of identity in Idaho, but they may be a valuable source of information on an individual's birth. Hospitals also maintain demographic information on babies born at their facility, which may be accessible to researchers.

Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center Idaho Falls ID 3100 Channing Way 83404 208-529-6111

Idaho Eye Center Idaho Falls ID 1945 East 17th Street 83404 208-524-2025

Idaho Falls Recovery Center Idaho Falls ID 1957 East 17th Street 83404 208-529-5285